Below is a selection of messages we received to mark Hilda's 25th birthday in 2019 



'A huge thank you for keeping Hilda's going for so long and bringing such joy and friendship to each and every soul that has passed the threshold'.   NM

'There are not many safe, comfortable places for women to dance together and to be able to identify with like-minded women. You can be proud that you have provided this service for so long.....I don't know if you realise this but you also make getting into Latin and Ballroom very accessible and enjoyable and Wonnita, you are a fabulous teacher.  Wendy, your music choices are the best to dance to by far'.  KR

'Hilda's means so much to so many women.  I spent yesterday with some Hildettes and their children; yet more relationships and families to come out of dancing.  I am "auntie [J]" to all those children because of Hilda's and I love it!'  JS 

'You have developed a super family of Hildettes, created a beautiful space for us to meet, share and develop, nurtured us with your music and dance (the best!) & sustained us over the years with your passion and commitment.  Be very proud!'  PJ 

'I started my journey in learning to dance at Hilda's.  So many new steps, so many joyous moments, so many special women, so many blinding tracks.  You changed my life in so many profound ways. You have given a safe space to so many women'.  YS 

'Hilda's has brought huge joy,delight and friendships into my life over the years.  Such wonderful teaching and fabulous music - full of charisma and fun that makes learning pure pleasure'.  TR

'Hilda's is an iconic institution with an astonishing record! The commitment you have shown is outstanding as is the pleasure and joy you have brought to so many women, many of whom probably didn't even know they would love dancing before they came to Hilda's!!' JS  

'The longest running Women Only event/club and its been an incredible journey that you've taken us on.  I met my beautiful wife through you.  I found my tribe through you.  I will forever remember your immense impact on my life'.  TS

 'Hilda's is an institution! So much happy dancing and such lovely friendships made'.  JC

'Thank you for 25 years of amazing friendships.  We owe a debt of gratitude to you for creating and sustaining such a wonderful community'.  IR

'You must be immensely proud of the joy you have given to hundreds of women with your amazing music and fabulous classes over the past 25 years'.  BF  

'I came to my first Eastbourne weekend before I really knew how to dance (I'd done a little many years before) and knew no one. I was still a novice and really nervous about coming on my own.  However I was immediately scooped up by several lovely women and made to feel I was really welcome.  I fell in love with dancing, with Hilda's ...and knew I needed to make it part of my life.  I have never looked back and consider my life to be richer because of it'.  AR

'Its a wonderful thing to learn to dance with another woman. Even more so, it was magical learning to do so in this beautiful space you have created.' LW

'Hilda's is one of the best experiences of my life. It has opened many doors to new friends and endless joy'. CS

'Words cannot describe how great and uplifting and life-affirming Hilda's has been for me!' JF

'Hilda's has been so important to me since 1995. Where would I have been without you? Unforgettable, marvellous nights.'  CA

'You created something amazing.  Thank you for your hard work and passion and bringing real joy to so many'.  CD 

'Hilda's has made such a difference to my life.  The joy and friendship has known no bounds! Many many thanks for the memories, the good times and your amazing dedication to Hildettes.' RF