Hilda's News

When Hilda's reopened in September 2018 after our summer break, we entered our 25th year [the actual birthday is February 2019]. A quarter of a century ladies!  

Think on that for a moment. Astonishing, eh? We can hardly believe it. That such a 'niche', women-only night could sustain for so long. The fact that we have is testament to the support, commitment and goodwill of hundreds of women over the years, coming together not just to partner dance but to create an untold number of friendship networks that flourish outside of Hilda's. What a spark!   

There was nothing like Hilda's when we arrived. Now, 25 years on, we don't want to out-stay our welcome.  For us, Hilda's is coming to its natural end and we have made the decision that 13th July, 2019 will be the last of the regular monthly Hilda's. 

As you know, we also run dance weekends in Eastbourne, and booking is already well underway for the next one which takes place in May 2019. Women come to these weekends from all over the country and even from outside of the UK. We plan to continue offering weekends and have booked the date of 12th -14th June for 2020.   



We hope you will take the opportunity to come along on Saturday 13th for the final Hilda's monthly.  Tickets are on the door at the usual price of £10. 

After the classes, (in Cha Cha Cha) there will be plenty of social dancing to the best Hilda's inimitable sounds, then its 'au revoir ' from me and 'au revoir' from her. xx