Hilda's News

 Double & Single rooms sold out for Eastbourne. Contact us to go on a waiting list.  (Twin rooms are still booking).

* An exciting development, Hilda's Showdances! A Showdance is typically a couple dancing a specially choreographed performance, think of a cabaret piece. This differs to competition routines in that....well to state the  obvious, you're not competing against anyone and the aim is simply to  entertain and wow the audience. Anything goes, there are no 'illegal  moves'; any rhythm or combination of rhythms and tempos allowed.  

We would love to book up some Showdances for the coming months as a way to celebrate with you entering Hilda's 20th year in February 2014. Our notion of Showdance differs slightly from the norm (see below), and it can be any number of performers and not necessarily a formation piece, though you could do that if you wanted. You have full creative & artistic licence!
1. One Showcase per Hilda's.  
2. Performance to be 6 minutes max.
3. Open to ALL Hildettes of ALL dance levels & experience
4. Any number of performers from 2 to however many (Why not get together with a bunch of pals and do a group number?) 
5. Any rhythm or a combination of  rhythms.
6. Let your imagination run wild with costumes and props!  
7. Apply to us via email and book your slot  - allowing ample time to prepare the piece with your teacher, choreographer or coach. 
Can't wait to see what comes our  way!