Residential Dance Weekends


Once a year, usually at the end of May/beginning of June, between 40 and 50 of us go to a traditional seafront hotel in Eastbourne for a weekend of lessons, parties and fun. Women travel from all over the country to attend, some even from abroad to take part in these special events.  Teachers deliver wall-to-wall dance tuition, serving all levels of dance experience and ability from absolute beginners to advanced levels. 

In addition, there are evenings of parties plus a Sunday Tea Dance to end the weekend.

Have a look at this compilation of images from past weekends to give you a flavour - 


Here's our last weekend. Sunshine, heatwave, Seven Deadly Sins fancy dress.  Oh, and dancing! Lots of lovely jubbly dancing! Have a look and then read some reviews below.


Reviews (June 2017):

 "So uplifting! These weekends mean a lot.  They really contribute to our lives." CM 

"Excellent again. Will go away energised, happy, tired & remembering the names of lovely people & hopefully some steps too!" DS

"Yet another Best Ever Eastbourne.  You provide something so special" RP

"Loved every minute" PD

"Such fun! Fab dancing, wonderful music, wonderful women.  Please don't stop doing these weekends!!" AH

"Thank you for all your effort, love & care from start to finish! Can't wait until next one" RH 


   The date of our next weekend is

17th -19th May, 2019  

Details and booking from September, 2018